Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Download "The Lion King 3D" PowerPoint Backgrounds, Wallpapers and Posters

The Lion King 3D Poster
"The Lion King" is coming back!

Disney's “The Lion King” will come to theaters in 3D on September 16th for two weeks. There is a new movie poster that was released by Walt Disney Pictures for the 3D version of the film. “The Lion King” will arrive on 3D Blu-ray on October 4th.

The Lion King” is an excellent movie with an interesting story. It is well drawn with the animals and scenery. The music is haunting.
Here are "The Lion King" powerpoint backgrounds, pc wallpapers and posters I sellected.

The Lion King Wallpaper 1
The Lion King Wallpaper 2

The Lion King Wallpaper 3
The Lion King Wallpaper 4
The Lion King PowerPoint Background 1
the lion king powerpoint background
The Lion King Poster 1

The Lion King Poster 2

 The Lion King Poster 3

The Lion King Poster 4
The Lion King Poster 5
The Lion King Poster 6

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 5 Songs For Teachers' Day

Teachers' Day
Since Teachers' Day is coming, many students are preparing gifts for your teachers. If you don't have enough money to buy a gift, or you are not able to DIY a present for teachers you love, singing a song for them is a good idea.

There are TOP 5 songs for teachers I select for you. The teachers' song can also be used as powerpoint background music. If you like them, you can FREE Download Teachers' Day Songs here.

1. Teacher I Need You - Elton John

2. Teacher Teacher - Dragonette

3. You Have Made A Difference - Brian Asselin and Eric Disero

4. Teacher Song - Daniel Adams

5. The Reasons I Teach - Jack Hartmann

Monday, September 5, 2011

FREE Download Teachers' Day PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

Teachers' day is a special day for appreciation of teachers.

World Teachers' Day is celebrated on October 5. Besides, different countries have their own Teachers' Day. For example, Chinese Teachers' Day is on Sept. 10, while Americans make National Teacher Day on Tuesday during Teacher Appreciation Week. In Taiwan, Sept. 28 was chosen to commemorate the birth of Confucius, believed to be the model master educator in ancient China.

There are also many different ways of Teachers' Day celebration. In Afghanistan, students and teachers gather to celebrate at schools with special traditional food, cookies, music and presents to the teachers. In other countries, all the celebrations are to express the love, honor and respect to teachers.

It's time for students to prepare gifts for coming Teachers' Day. A PowerPoint presentation including photos, words, music or videos, is always a warm present.

I select the most popular Teachers' Day PowerPoint Backgrounds for you. You can see more PowerPoint Backgrounds and PowerPoint Templates here.

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 1

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 1

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 2

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 2

 Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 3

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 3

 Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 4

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 4

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 5

Teachers' Day PowerPoint Background 5
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