Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Insert Excel to PowerPoint

excel into powerpoint logoWhen making a PowerPoint presentation, we always want to add more source materials to rich our slideshow, such as Excel worksheets. Of course, it's easy to insert a new table by clicking Insert > Table in PowerPoint. But embedding a pre-made excel spreadsheet has some benefits, such as, ability to link (sync) with the original spreadsheet.
  1. Open the target PowerPoint document, click the place where you want to insert Excel worksheet.
  2. Click Insert > Object in Text Tab.
  3. insert excel to powerpoint step 1

  4. Click Create from file in the pop-up dialog box and select the Excel document which is being embedded.
  5. insert excel to powerpoint step 2

  6. Finally, you will get the result below.
  7. insert excel to powerpoint step 3

For modifying and showing different worksheet in PowerPoint slide, double-click the inserted worksheet to open Excel workbook. Now navigate through different sheets to view them in PowerPoint presentation slide. On modifying dataset in Excel spreadsheet, changes will be reflected in PowerPoint table as they both are linked (synced) together. Once done, Excel window can be closed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Convert Word to PowerPoint

word to powerpoint
Besides inserting WORD into PowerPoint as an object, here is another way to convert a Word document, fulled with only text, to PowerPoint document. It relies on PowerPoint function - create a new slide from outline. Here are the steps:
  1. Make sure the content in the word document which you want to convert to powerpoint is in order.
  2. Open the word document, and format the content recording to the rules below:

    • Head 1 content becomes Slide Titles
    • Head 2 content becomes first level bulleted lists
    • Go on and format more lines you want to display in powerpoint slide, in Head 3, Head 4...

    word to powerpoint step 1

  3. Save and close the word document. Open powerpoint and click "New Slide", then choose "Slides from Outline".
  4. word to powerpoint step 2

  5. Select the word document in the dialog box, then click Insert.
  6. Then, this is what you will get finally.
  7. word to powerpoint step 3

Microsoft Office also gives guides of Creating PowerPoint presentations from Word outlines in Microsoft Office 2003 and Create a PowerPoint presentation from a Word outline in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.

If you want to turn it back, you can find the detailed steps in 3 Methods to Convert PowerPoint to Word.

Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF on Mac

In some cases, after creating a wonderful powerpoint presentation, people also would like to share it with others but can't accept any modification. So, the best way is converting powerpoint to secure format, such as PDF.

For Windows users, I have introduced the free way to convert office documents to PDF files. Also, I have already listed 3 free methods to convert PowerPoint to Word on Mac. You must be familiar with the steps of How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF on Mac below, cause you can find them in PowerPoint Mac to Word.

To convert PowerPoint to PDF on Mac steps are here:
  1. Open the PowerPoint document you want to convert to PDF

  2. Click File > Print
  3. powerpoint to pdf on mac

  4. At the bottom of the Print dialogue, you can click the PDF button and choose Save as PDF option to save PowerPoint to PDF on Mac OS X.
  5. powerpoint to pdf on mac

  6. In the Save window that appears after, type the file a name and add any additional information you wish, such as Author, Subject or Keywords.
  7. powerpoint to pdf on mac

  8. Of course, setting encryption is allowed when you save PowerPoint 2008/2011 to PDF, just click Security Optoins.
  9. powerpoint to pdf on mac

  10. Click OK to save PowerPoint to PDF on Mac.

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