Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to View PowerPoint on T-Mobile HTC One S?

htc one s
HTC One S is the thinnest handset in HTC phones, only 0.31'' in thick and 4.2 oz in weight. Besides, HTC One S is also the thinnest one in T-Mobile. And now, you can own it by paying $200, with a new two-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate in US.

HTC One S is a brilliantly light and thin Android 4.0 handset, running on America's largest 4G network. It is coming with 1GB of RAM, 8 Megapixel Camera, and 1080p HD Video with stereo sound.

Completely encased in a unibody shell, the One S has no removable battery nor does it have a MicroSD expansion slot, so users are limited to the 1650mAh battery and 16GB of internal storage.

The 4.3-inch touch screen supports 540x960 resolution. Since HTC One S is easy to carry with, playing videos, presentations, office documents on it is a convenient way. This is a list of HTC One S video supported formats: .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv (Windows Media Video 9), .avi (MP4 ASP and MP3). As to office documents, HTC One S provides Polaris Office.

But for a funny presentation, it's not enough. Background music, embedded videos, slides transitions will be lost when using android app to show. The best way is saving powerpoint as video, keeping all original things. Of course, presentation needs to be converted to video which format is compatible with HTC One S, such as ppt to mp4, ppt to wmv, or ppt to avi.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sprint Galaxy Nexus is Coming with Lower Price

sprint galaxy nexusSprint Galaxy Nexus is coming with $200 with a new two-year service agreement. That's all of $100 cheaper than a similar arrangement through Verizon.

This time, Sprint plans to bring their 4G LTE network to several selected areas, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio.

Just like Galaxy Nexus announced by Google, Sprint Galaxy Nexus runs Android 4.0 system. It has 4.65'' HD super AMOLED display with 32GB internal memory. You can enjoy taking photos with its front-facing and rear facing cameras and playing videos in 1080p.

You can find more details about Sprint Galaxy Nexus on Sprint official website.

Friday, April 20, 2012

How to View PowerPoint on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is coming in two sizes. The 7-inch version will cost $US250 in the US and goes on sale April 22. The 10-inch version will cost $US400 and goes on sale in the US on May 13. CNET has published a review article about SamSung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in these days.

Built around a 7-inch 1024 x 600 PLS LCD display, the new Galaxy Tab 2 has a 1GHz dual-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, along with WiFi and a 3-megapixel rear facing camera. It's also 10.5mm thick, not vast in the grand scheme of things, but still chubbier than other recent slates Samsung has produced.That comparative heft is used to accommodate WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS and – likely optional – HSPA+ connectivity.

There's also either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, plus a microSD card slot for augmenting that. A 4,000 mAh battery rounds things out, though Samsung isn’t saying how long that should last for.

Besides, there are lots of value-added features & services, such as Samsung Touchwiz, Readers Hub, Gmae Hub, Video Hub and etc. With Polaris Office, you can view and edit office documents on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. This makes Galaxy Tab 2 seems like PC, but not as stronger as PC.

But, you are not able to build a rich presentation because of limiting of Polaris Office. The only way to contain original embedded audios, videos and animations in slideshow is saving them with powerpoint in a same video which can be played much better on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Since this tablet supports 3GP, ASF, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MKV and WebM, when you convert powerpoint to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, choose one video formats above.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Show PowerPoint on Samsung Galaxy S3 with Embedded Audios, Videos and Animations?

samsung galaxy s3
After a long time waiting for the new Samsung smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released on May 3th at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in London.

There are so many things we guessed and talked before about Samsung Galaxy S3. Though this awaited smartphont still needs some time to meet us, we can generally know it in sides.

In the next generation Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a lot bigger than the existing Galaxy S2. The forthcoming Galaxy S3 is expected to feature a large 4.8-inch 1024p HD Super AMOLED Plus display with a SXGA resolution of 1280 x 1024, which is just a bit smaller than Samsung's phablet Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S3 will run at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. 1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor makes S3 be a super fast device. It is the best performing processor put in any smart phone so far. Another important development indicates that this powerhouse of an smartphone would be 4G LTE compatible.

Since Samsung Galaxy S3 is an android smartphone, Samsung is likely to install office app on it. Besides, android martket provides Document Viewers for users to operate with documents. But Galaxy S3 is still a smartphone which is not as good as computer in microsoft office documents creating, editing and showing. In this case, excellent functions and animations in Microsoft Office may be lost. If you want to show powerpoint on Samsung Galaxy S3 with embedded audios, videos and animations, you'd better convert powerpoint to mp4. Videos keep all original things in slideshow with the help of PowerPoint to Video Converter.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

3 Methods to View PowerPoint on New Asus Transformer Pad TF300

asus transformer pad 300
Asus Transformer Pad TF300 tablet will come to make its debut on April 22, according to a report from PC World. An Asus spokeswoman said prices of Transformer Pad TF300 series will be revealed until April 22, too. The Price of Asus Transformer Pad TF300 in India is Rs. 20,900 (Twenty thousand and nine hundred only).

The new Transformer Pad - Transformer Pad TF300 has a 10.1-inch screen and un Google's latest Android 4.0 operating system, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich, which is supported by 1.2GHz CPU. Transformer Pad 300 brings the same Tegra 3 processor as the Prime, but matches it with a standard IPS display, optional LTE and only 16GB of built-in storage, as well as 10 hours of battery life. Most important, the price of Transformer TF300 may be at a lower starting price than the Prime according to retailers.

This 263x180x9.9 MM tablet has a weight of 635 grams. Asus provides multiple colors choices of Transformer Pad TF300: blue, white and red.
asus transformer pad 300 red blue white
I prefer considering Transformer Pad TF300 as a upgrade version of Transformer Prime. Asus Transformer series have special App on them, including Polaris Office, with which you can edit and view powerpoint on the new Asus Transformer Pad 300. But it is only conditioned to font, layout, table, shapes, chart.

Using this first way of viewing powerpoint on Transformer Pad TF300 likes the second way to play slides on TF300 - saving slides as images. Transformer Pad has excellent capability on screen. Both the two methods to show presentation on TF 300 reduce the funny and interests during the shown.

You can make Transformer Pad TF300 as stronger as PC. Make a powerpoint in Microsoft PowrPoint, adding audios, videos and animations into it. Only one step needed - convert powerpoint to mp4, then you can view powerpoint on Transformer Pad TF300 with all original things, including font, layout, table, shapes, chart, multimedia, animations and etc.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

How to Create A Photo Album with Background Music Easily and Freely in the Way You like?

Did you ever plan to make a photo album about some time or some day which is import in your life? I'm sure, you did.

We all try to leave the beautiful time and important people in our life. And photo album is a good way, especially with music and words which can press our mood at that time.

Well, don't worry. It's not difficult to do such a moved photo album like the one above. All we need is a software we must have installed in our computer - PowerPoint. Then, let's do the things step by step to finish our own photo ablum with background music.

1. On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click the arrow under Photo Album, and then click New Photo Album.
create New Photo Album
2. In the Photo Album dialog box, under Insert picture from, click File/Disk.
insert photos
3. In the Insert New Pictures dialog box, locate the folder that contains the picture that you want to insert, and then click Insert. Then, in Photo Album, you can edit your photos. Edit as needed, then click Create to insert pictures into the photo album.
  • If you want to change the order in which the pictures are displayed, under Pictures in album, click the file name of the picture that you want to move, and then use the arrow buttons to move it up or down in the list.
change order of photos
  • If you want to add a caption, in the Edit Photo Album dialog box, under Picture Options, select the Captions below ALL pictures check box. Click Update. By default, PowerPoint uses the picture file name as a placeholder for the caption text. In Normal view, click the caption text placeholder, and then type the caption.
add caption 
  • To display all the pictures in your photo album in black and white, under Picture Options, select the ALL pictures black and white check box.
display photos in black and white
  • To change the layout of your pictures, under Album Layout, in the Picture layout list, select the layout that you want.
change layout
  • To frame your pictures, under Album Layout, in the Frame shape list, select a frame shape that looks good with all of the pictures in your photo album.
frame photos
  • To select a theme for your photo album, under Album Layout, next to Theme, click Browse, and then in the Choose Theme dialog box, locate the theme that you want to use.
select theme
4. In Transitions, you can choose the transitions between each photo as you like.
set transitions
5. At last, add the background music you like. Click Insert, in Media group, click Audio and choose your background music from file. Also, you can freely set your background music.
Here are multiple types of powerpoint background music for you to choose, such as graduation songs, earth day songs, love songs and etc.
insert background music

Finally, you can share your photo album with your friends or on web, such as convert photo ablum to youtube, burn photo album on dvd, burn photo album on blu-ray.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation Earth Day Background Songs

earth day

On Earth Day, events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment. It lasts since in 1970. And now, Earth Day is observed by more than 500 million people in 175 countries, comparing with 20 million people in 1970.

The earth citizens all over the world use their own way to press their love for earth mama. We should have a strong sense of preserving the earth and start from the little things right under our noses.

I would like to make a powerpoint presentation about Earth Day. So, I prepared Earth Day powerpoint background images.
earth day powerpoint background images

And today, I want some good powerpoint presentation Earth Day background songs. Until now, people have written many songs for Earth Day or lyrics which are related with our environment. Here are the ones which I think are suitable for an Earth Day powerpoint presentation background songs.

You can FREE DOWNLOAD these songs on free mp3 download websites.
Also, you can find more powerpoint background songs, such as memory songs, country songs, graduation songs, Christmas songs, and etc.

1. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) - Marvin Gaye
2. Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
3. Paradise - John Prine
4. Shapes Of Things - The Yardbirds
5. Nature's Way - Spirit
6. Don't Go Near The Water - The Beach Boys
7. If A Tree Falls - Bruce Cockburn
8. Don't Go Near The Water - Johnny Cash
9. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) - Neil Young
10. I Remember California - R.E.M.
11. Gone - Jack Johnson
12. Nothing But Flowers - The Talking Heads
13. Monkey Gone to Heaven - The Pixies
14. Traffic Jam - James Taylor
15. Earth Song - Michael Jackson
16. The Pretenders - My City Was Gone
17. Eddie Vedder - Society
18. Can it! Save the Planet!– Music with Mar.
19. The Earth is My Mother– Carol Johnson
20. Every Day an Earth Day– Ron Brown
21. Garbage Blues– Tickle Tune Typhoon
22. The Good Earth– Jack Hartmann
23. Let's Take Care of the Earth– Debbie Clement
24. Mighty River Running Strong– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
25. Mother Earth– Pam Minor
26. One World– Lucas Miller
27. Sacred Trees– Lorraine Bayes
28. Save (Our World)– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
29. Save the Earth– Jack Hartmann
30. Save the Earth!– Dianne Baker
31. The Solar Power Rag– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
32. The Tree– Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
33. That's the Earth (Earth’s Physical Features)– Music Movement & Magination
34. We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands– Traditional Folk Song
35. All the Trees are Standing– Fran Avni
36. Decomposers– Kenny Hood
37. From a Seed Into a Tree– Music Movement & Magination
38. Habitat– Bill Oliver
39. Habitat Scat– Music With Mar.
40. If We Care – Gemini
41. Listen to the Water– Bob Schneider
42. Nature's NichesРMary Mich̩
43. Plant a Tree for Tomorrow– Dianne Baker
44. Save the Frogs!– Dianne Baker
45. Sweet Sap Song– Foster Brown
46. Water in the Air– Skip West
47. Water Cycle Song– Foster Brown
48. Way Down Deep (Inside the Ocean)– Fran Avni
49. Garage Sale -- Pass It On!– Fran Avni
50. Go Green– Pam Minor
51. Hey Hey, Don't Throw It AwayРMary Mich̩
52. Johnny Appleseed- Traditional Song
53. Keep Your World Clean- Marilyn M. Linford
54. Litterbug Jitterbug- Caroline and Danny
55. Pick it Up– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
56. Pollution Patrol - Caroline and Danny
57. Recycle– Pam Minor
58. Recycle Song– Joyce Paultre
59. Recycle Depot– Jackie Cytrynbaum
60. Recycling Blues– Music with Mar.
61. Sweet and Sour Rain– Chris Rawlings
62. The Talking Clean Town– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
63. Use It Again– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
64. Waste Not, Want Not– Two of a Kind
65. Make a Trap to Capture the Wind– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
66. Mighty River Running Strong– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
67. The Solar Power Rag– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
68. Wood to Burn– Foster Brown

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be a Voluntary Translator on Easter 2012 and Crown Yourself on Moyea Software

Do a little bit literary thing on this upcoming Easter Day falls on Apr 08th, 2012 and honor yourself a big Easter prize that we will display the names of the most qualified litterateurs on our software. Moreover, if you also own your website or blog, those sites will have the same chance to be exposed to the public like you, from our software or our company site.
Why you are chosen? Because you know foreign languages much better than us!
We are looking for someone who can translate English to other foreign languages like French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. You can be native speaker of those mentioned target languages, or you can be a genuinely excellent multi-language speaker.
What you are asked to do? Translate our software English-based interface language!
It will definitely contribute to a more accurate translation if you know software a little bit or you are just a computer geek. But no worries, you can get to know the software you are going to translate by downloading it here.
And for your convenience, we will send you a separate source file which contains all the contents you are required to translate. You will get this file immediately upon we receive your application.
When you can start? Submit your supplication from now until Apr 30th, 2012!
Take it easy, you have up to 1 month to submit your translate application to our assigned email, and together with your application, you are encouraged to include some personal info like name, email, mother tongue, nationality, etc. in the email, for future contact purpose only.
What you can get as prizes? Free license of our software and permanent name listing on software Help document and campaign page!
Sounds exciting! Moyea PPT to Video Converter is one of our flagship products and there are thousands of users out there. What a great honor if your name will be exposed to such a majority.
Where you can get more info? Moyea official site and facebook page!
For more detailed info of this Moyea translate campaign, please visit the campaign page here or Moyea facebook page here.
Apply now and hope to see your name on our software soon!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Moyea 2012 Easter Photo Contest, Easter Big Sale and Easter Free Resources

Moyea has officially launched the triple-bonus 2012 Easter campaign which includes the Easter Photo Contest(upload funny Easter pics and get up to $100 voucher), Easter 20% Off Discount Sale and Easter Free Resources Grabbing!
Moyea Easter Photo Contest
This contest is open for both Moyea facebook fans and twitter followers. What we want from you is just to share a funny Easter picture with us and what you have to do for us is just to interact with the picture uploaded, for example, ask your friends to like, comment and share on facebook and retweet the tweet on twitter.
Winners Prize: $100 voucher for the most liked and retweeted picture uploader and $60 voucher for the rest of the top 10% picture owners.
Moyea Easter 20% Off Sale
The 20% off coupon code EST-45K2D46B9F can be applied to almost all the flagship products of ours, belonging to any category of these three: PPT to Video, Flash SWF to Video and Web Player Creation.
Besides, you can shop with ease and confidence on any Moyea websites out of six to use this 20% off coupon, as long as the SWREG is chosen as your final check-out payment platform.
Moyea Easter Free Resources
Grab some funny Easter freebies like free Easter PowerPoint templates, free Easter Flash games and free Easter player skin designs to make this Easter more special with Moyea.
Getting excited and ready to go for our Easter triple-bonus reward? It’s really just one-click away from

Friday, April 6, 2012

Top 9 Complete Free MP3 Download Websites

My friends always ask me to download mp3 for them.
It's not easy to search a download link in google. Most of them need to pay.

So, I collect 9 best free mp3 download websites. You can search any music and completely free download. Or, get free powerpoint background music from internet.

1. LoveYoutubeMusic This is a blog about youtube music. You can find the FREE way to rip mp3 from any youtube video. NO LIMITATION!

2. BeeMP3 Useful search engine for MP3. Just search, find song, enter verification code and download.

3. Bomb-MP3 Search in the engine and input verification code before download mp3 free.

4. SideLoad Don't need to be a member. Just search and download.

5. One of the most well known mp3 sites. It has a section for free music where there are limited songs available for download.

6. MP3FUSION They index and organize 100 thousands of free music downloads to listen to and download. Just input verification code before download.

7. Kohit Same like BeeMP3. Smaller database than BeeMp3.

8. MP3SHAKE You can free download mp3 from it. But, register first.

9. mp3skull It's a simple mp3 download website. Just search and download what you need.

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