Sunday, October 9, 2011

PowerPoint to Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime): Free Method of Showing PowerPoint Presentation on Galaxy Nexus

galaxy nexus
Galaxy Nexus, known as Nexus Prime before, was delayed to be launched by Samsung and Google in deference to Steve Jobs's passing. The announcement was planned to be hold on Oct. 11, and the lastest news we got is that, the date is on Oct. 27.

Though iPhone 4S has been unveiled, there are still attentions on Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus is the third Google Android smartphone, following Google Nexus One and Google Nexus S. It is a pure Google Experience device without any third-party UI or modifications. The highlight of this device is that it is powered by Google's latest mobile operating system (OS), Ice Cream Sandwich.
galaxy nexus

Here are the specific features Galaxy Nexus will have.

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD with curved glass (1,280 x 720 resolution)
  • TI OMAP 4460 1.2GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 32GB of built-in storage
  • 5-megapixel camera on the back, 1.3-megapixel in the front
  • 1080p HD video capture support
  • LTE/HSPA depending on carrier
  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
  • NFC
  • 9mm thin
  • 1,750 mAh battery

Let's compare Galaxy Nexus with iPhone 4S in important sides.
  • Some consumers were upset that the iPhone 4S doesn't have a 4-inch display yet.While it might be nice if it were slightly larger, Galaxy Nexus brings a 4.65-inch display screen with 1280*720 resoulution.
  • Then, camera. iPhone 4S already has perfect front camera with 8 megapixels. Galaxy Nexus with 5 megapixels is usable in daily life.
  • While iPhone 4S starting at 16GB for $199, Nexus starting with 32GB. If the 32GB Nexus was $199 or even a little over that, then that would be a steal.

Besides the differences between the two smartphones above, both Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S do not support showing PowerPoint with multimedia and animations in common. More and more users consider mobile phones as another portable computer. So, how do we show presentation on Galaxy Nexus?

Most smartphones can show powerpoint as slide by slide. The best way to rich the presentation is converting powerpoint to video with all original animations, embedded audios and videos. FREE Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter is just the tool you need. Don't worry about anything about your office documents is not able to be played on Galaxy Nexus or other phones. Just take the output video with you, and show your mind.

Enjoy your easy Galaxy Nexus life!

galaxy nexus is coming

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