Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Show PowerPoint Presentation on iPhone 4S?

People has waited for Apple to release iPhone 5 for all years. Days before Apple’s news release conference, many different types articles, videos and news of iPhone 5 overspread the internet.

But, the new Apple product hadn't been uncover its mystic veil until Oct. 5. It is iPhone 4s instead of iPhone 5. iPhone 4s is not iPhone 5, but it could be considered as an update version of iPhone 4.

Here is a features comparison tablet between iPhone 4s and iPhone 4.

iPhone 4s iPhone 4
Processor (CPU) Dual-core Apple A5 Apple A4
WiFi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n
Cellular 1080p at 30fps, optional iMovie 720p at 30fps, optional iMovie
Maximum Download Data Speeds (HSDPA) 14.4 (Mbps) 7.2(Mbps)
Maximum Upload Data Speeds (HSDPA) 5.8 (Mbps) 5.8 (Mbps)
Display 3.5 inch IPS 960×640 resolution 3.5 inch IPS 960×640 resolution
Video calling with FaceTime Available Available
Orientation sensing Accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass Accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass
Primary camera 8MP AF with flash & f 2.4 aperture 5MP AF with flash
Secondary camera VGA at 30fps VGA
Video recording 1080p video at 30fps (iMovie optional) 720p video at 30fps (iMovie optional)
SIM standard Micro SIM Micro SIM
Dimensions 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm
Weight 140 grams (4.9 oz) 137 grams (4.8 oz)
Battery 6 hours of 3G browsing
8 hours talk time on (3G networks)
9 hours Wi-Fi browsing
14 hours of talk time (2G networks)
7 hours talk time (3G networks)
14 hours talk time (2G networks)
10 hours video
40 hours audio
Pricing with contract 16GB $199 
32GB $299 
64GB $399
8GB $99

Though many people think buying iPhone 4s is wasting money since the differences between iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 are few, crazy Apple fans or Steve Jobs fans still want to own this Apple product.

How to play PowerPoint presentation on iPhone 4S?
With iWork which Apple app store provides, the slides could only been shown like pictures alone. For those users who have high requirement, Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter will help you convert PowerPoint to Video and you will get a video including all original audios, videos, animations and other settings. Besides, you can share this video to more people on more devices, such as on Youtube, Facebook, iPad, iPod, HTC phones, and so on.

Enjoy your iPhone 4S life!


  1. i still think that there is not much difference between the 2 and the iphone 4 is only $99.

  2. iPhone S has a feature that I LOVE; when texting there's a microphone symbol u press say what u want to text and send. It's great if u need to text someone back and aren't able to type or if you're just same with using Google. Also when using the navigation, a voice tells u the way to go as you're driving. Android has this feature as well no matter what type of phone u have. I had the iPhone 4 for a week and exchanged it for the 4 s 16 gb and truly like it better. Yes the $100 extra was worth it to mr

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