Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Add Music in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

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audio in powerpoint logoA PowerPoint presentation can convey a lot of information in a short time. That information is usually in the form of text, graphics, charts, and tables, but it might also consist of audio content.Audio or background music is necessary in an excellent PowerPoint presentation. You can easily incorporate sounds into slide transitions.

Compatible Audio File Formats in PowerPoint 2010
AIFF Audio file.aiffAU Audio file.au
MIDI file.mid or .midiMP3 Audio file.mp3
Windows Audio file.wavWindows Media Audio file.wma

How to add audio into powerpoint 2010?
Insert > Audio and then open the audio clip. However, when it comes to adjusting the audio, the option you might be looking for can be difficult to find. 

In a perfect world, you would be able to make adjustments to an audio clip by either right-clicking a slide's sound icon, or by using the Audio Tools. And for some things, these techniques work. For instance, if you need to trim the audio, select the audio clip on the slide and choose Audio Tools Playback > Trim Audio

But what if you wanted to stop the audio after three slides? What if you wanted the audio to play across all of the slides, but you don't want the audio to start until you click? You won't find these options among the Audio Tools or by right-clicking the audio icon. For these tasks, you'll need to use the Animations tab. Even then, the options are buried.

How to Specify When Music Playing Across Multiple Slides Will Stop
  1. Select the icon for the sound file on your slide.
  2. From the Animations tab, locate the Effect Options button and click the More Arrow below it to Show Additional Effect Options.

    The More Arrow in PowerPoint 2010

    The Play Audio dialog box will appear. 
  3. Ensure the Effect tab is selected, and from the Stop playing section, select After and then use the up and down arrows in the slides field to indicate for how many slides the audio should play.
 How to Start Music that Plays Across All Slides On-Click
  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
  2. Select the Timing tab. 
  3. From the Start drop-down menu select On Click.
  4. From here you have two options. If you would like the sound to play by clicking anywhere on the screen, say after a title appears, then select Animate as part of click sequence. Just be sure if you select this option, that you properly arrange the sound on the Custom Animation pane so that it begins in the desired order. If you do not want the sound to start at a specific time, but rather by clicking a specific object, select Start effect on click of and then choose the object that will trigger the sound from the drop-down menu.

    Note: If you would like to be able to click the sound icon on your slide during the presentation to start the audio, select the Audio Settings tab and ensure that Hide audio icon during slide show is not selected. It will, after all, be difficult to click the sound icon if you can't see it.


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