Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011 Mother's Day Most Special Gift - DIY a Video Only For Your Own Mother - Including the Pictures and Powerpoint Templates and the Method

2011 Mother's Day is on May 8th.

Mother's Day becomes a more and more important festival. As a daughter or son, we express thanksgiving to the closest person, and give best wishes for the greatest woman in the world - Mother.

If you are wondering how to celebrate Mother's Day with your mother or you are looking for a special way which is different from others and the traditional old ways, maybe you'll find something new in this article.

The flowers will fall off; the delicious food will be eaten up; why not give mother a gift can be kept for longer and includes what you want to say to her, such as DIY a video?

The only thing you need to prepare is your love.

  • Step 1: Find out the photos about you and your mother from childhood to these days or other things as long as they are talking about you and your mother.

  • Step 2: Write what you want to say. Using your own words or some famous saying which can exactly express what your heart want to shout out. You can find classical sayings on other website.

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