Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Play PowerPoint Presentation on HTC EVO 3D

HTC EVO 3D has be announced for a period of time.

HTC EVO 3D has 3D display feature just like its name.You don't need to wear glasses to see the effect. Just hold it right, or the image wobbles.

Here, the purpose of 3D is to add an extra dimension to photographs you take, or video you shoot. These look good, thanks to the stereoscopic 5-megapixel camera lenses on the back, instantly noticeable as they’re neatly picked out with a bronze accent. And not only can you play back your own HD movies in 2D or 3D, the HTC Watch movie purchase and rental portal is on this phone, too. This means that you can watch 3D blockbusters on the phone. These look staggeringly good – the high-resolution display is pin-sharp, vivid and immersive. Though I’m not sure I could watch a whole movie this way, great though it is. It’s still only a 4.3in screen. 



For business men, using presentation to show their idea is common things in their daily life. So, with this strong smartphone - HTC EVO 3D, how to play powerpoint?

Powerpoint always includes many animations, but smartphone can't show these funny but important details with its installed APP. Then, we'd better convert powerpoint to video keeping all the original effects and multimedia. Playing video on smartphones is much easier to do then.

Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter is a professional one. It is a wonderful conversion program that assists in converting your PowerPoint presentation to quality video for uploading them to video-sharing websites like YouTube and playing on portable devices like iPhone, while retaining all the animations, slide transitions, sounds and video clips in the source PowerPoint.

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