Thursday, March 14, 2013

April Fool's Day in Office

April Fool's Day is coming soon! Don't give up the chance to make jokes as much as you like. Take out all of your prank ideas in your pocket. On April Fool’s Day, all of the world won’t blame you.

Weekdays are always busy and sometimes bored. Colleagues in our company are too impatient to wait for it. Some of them have began to prepare for this festival. Let’s find some funny ideas to relax in offices.

1.Stop the Calls
If the victim has a phone with a hook that presses down when the handset is in the cradle, tape it down. When he or she answers a call it will keep ringing.

If the victim uses Microsoft Word, go into the victim's computer and change the auto-correct feature so it misspells common words. Just open Word, choose "AutoCorrect Options" from the Tools menu, and have it replace common words like "the" and "and" with wacky words like "eggplant" or "Uranus." Be creative.

3.Not Tasty
Take a box full of candy you know the victim likes (Whoppers work good). Remove the candy and replace it with Play-Dough in the shape of candy. Watch him/her be surprised when they get offered Play-Dough candy! (Be careful not to let them actually eat it though!)

4. Invisible Ink
Go into the victim's office and locate every pencil and pen in their desk. Paint the tips with clear nail polish. When they try to write, none of them will work. (After the prank is revealed, the nail polish can be removed by dipping the pens and pencils in polish remover.)

5. Where Do I Go?
This trick works great if you work in an office building that has two entrances. Print up two signs that say "Please Use Other Door." Put one on each door, with arrows pointing toward the opposite door

6.Meeting is also crazy
If you are a boss or a leader in your company, a funny PowerPoint presentation will push April Fool’s Day toward high tide. More April Fool’s Day PowerPoint Template.
April Fools' Day PowerPoint templates

As an office worker, I prefer some free and small funny. And welcome to share your wonderful ideas with me. Everyone, start action! April Fool's Day is waving!

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