Monday, December 26, 2011

Export A Presentation from Keynote to Your Computer

As Apple devices are stronger and stronger in hardware, softwares in APP stores are upgrading at the same time. More and more people prefer iPad as their office tablet, because iWork is making effort to equal Microsoft Office which is not able to installed on APPLE devices.

Have you ever want to export a presentation you made on iPad to your computer, maybe to burn it to dvd or show it on large screen? The words below will tell you how to do this.

Export a presentation from keynote to your computer

  1. Open the presentation you want to export, and then tap Tools button in the toolbar.
  2. Tap “Share and Print,” and then tap “Copy to iTunes.”
  3. Tap the document format you want to export to: Keynote, PDF, or PowerPoint (PPT).
  4. Connect your mobile device to your computer and open iTunes on your computer. After a moment, your mobile device appears in the left side of the iTunes window (under Devices).
  5. In iTunes, select your mobile device, and then click Apps.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Apps window, and then select Keynote (in the Apps list under File Sharing).
  7. Select the name of the presentation you want to transfer to your computer, and then click “Save to.”
  8. In the window that appears, navigate to the location where you want to store the presentation, and then click Choose.


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