Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kindle Fire HD 8.9'' vs. The New iPad

kindle fire hd vs the new ipad
2012 is a year in which technology companies like releasing their latest devices, such as Apple, Google, and Samsung. Not long ago, a series of Kindle tablets are launched by their developer - Amazon. The time is just on several days before Apple's day. So, latest Kindle Fire tablets are considered as the competitor of Apple. Of course, the same to technology companies.

Though the Kindle Fire HD hasn't available until now, it's really a difficult choice between the new iPad and Kindle Fire HD. There are different size of Kindle Fire HD, 7 inch and 8.9 inch. If you are doubting about both the two large screen devices - iPad 3 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9'', please find something important to you in the below table.

The New iPad vs. Kindle Fire HD 8.9''

The New iPad Kindle Fire HD 8.9''
Display 9.7'' 8.9''
Technology IPS LCD IPS LCD
Resolution 2045x1536 1920x1200
System iOS Android
Processor Dual-core Apple A5X Dual-core OMAP4470
Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth, WiFi, Bluetooth,
Camera Yes Yes
Ports Video out, Headphone, Data connections with iPod Headphone, Micro USB, HDMI
Battery 10hr unreleased until now, but Kindle Fire HD 7'' is 11 hr
Weight 1.44 pounds 1.25 pounds
Price $499 $299
Availability Date March 16, 2012 Novemeber 20, 2012

  • If the tablet is only a book reader for you, there is no doubt that, Kindle Fire HD is your best choice. If you wanna update your existing tablet and wanna stronger functions, iPad 3 is better.
  • The sizes of display have small difference. Amazon updates its technology, but the resolution is still a little lower than iPad 3. The same to front camera.
  • iOS operating system is Apple's LOGO. It's sure different from others, including Android. But this time, Kindle Fire HD 8.9'' runs a modified version of Android 4.0.
  • Apple App Store owns over 500,000 apps for the new iPad users, while Amazon is still building its Appstore for Android. In this side, Apple wins a score, I think.
  • To work with The New iPad, iWork is one of your choices. And in Kindle Fire HD 8.9'', besides the office tool which is preinstalled, you can also download apps from Amazon Appstore for Android. If you are still not satisfied, try other ways to work, such as play powerpoint on the new ipad and view powerpoint on Kindle Fire HD with more funny.
  • Like other popular tablets, Kindle Fire HD 8.9'' owns Micro USB and HDMI ports. Then, more connections between devices are much easy.
  • Comes to the price, an important element when choosing the final one to buy. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is $199, Fire HD 8.9'' is $299 and HD 8.9'' with 4G is $499. The New iPad is a lot more expensive.

Differences between Kindle Fire HD and …


  1. I enjoy using the new ipad more than the kindle fire but for its price and usage (reading books), the kindle fire wins. Depending on how many books you read, you can use the money saved from getting the kindle to buy books that will last for many years. What tablet to choose ultimately depends on each person and what they want to do with it.

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