Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Designer of Hello Kitty is still alive

"Kitty's mother-Yuko Yamaguchi is still alive!" All of kitty's fans around the word  breathed again after getting this news.

Hello kitty is a lovely cat without mouth, wearing a red bowknot on her left ear, brings us much fun after she was born.

On March 13th, there's a rumor on Twitter so persistent that it's caused "Satoshi Tajiri," the "Hello Kitty" character creator Yuko Yamaguchi died. At once, more and more people started to follow the lastest situation about her.

But now, it's glad to see that Yuko Yamaguchi updated her blog on March 14th. She is still safe in the earthquake which Japan never met before.

Today is the forth day after Japanese Earthquake which was happened on March 11th, 2011. The number of casualty is still rising. 

Let’s review kitty’s family, and give best wishes to all people in the heavy natural disaster.

You can free download the ppt template in the video above.

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