Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to upload PowerPoint Presentation of Elizabeth Taylor to YouTube?

My best friend Penny loves watching Hollywood movies, especially classical black and white films. She always says, “Actresses in old films are beautiful and have female charm. Sometimes they can provide you some other life styles. You are never tired of watching some clips.” Her favorite Hollywood stars is Elizabeth Taylor and Shirley Temple.

This morning, when she heard the news about Elizabeth Taylor, she was very sad and searched for the stories and reports about her. There are many photos and stills in a PowerPoint presentation about the big star. She asked me how to upload a PowerPoint file onto youtube and share it with more fans who love Elizabeth Taylor.

I watch the presentation Penny recommended. Elizabeth Taylor is really a charming woman. And I began to look for the method to help Penny.

Many conversion ways you can search on internet. But for Penny, a girl just want to convert a short ppt to the video format which can be shared on youtube, a easy software tool is suitable.

Windows Movie Maker is a free tool provided by Microsoft. You can find the using guide on Microsoft website. But if you want to make a video from PowerPoint, you need to save all the slides in your presentation as like *.jpg or *.png. It's complicated and will take much time to do.

There is another professional PowerPoint Converter I recommend to those users just like Penny, Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter. It needs only 3 steps and then please wait for the result. More additional functions are also supported. But the output of the free vision has the software logo on it.

Penny is converting the PowerPoint presentation now. We both hope more and more people will give best wishes to Elizabeth Taylor, the movie star, and remember her in our heart for ever.

The powerpoint Penny recommend:

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