Saturday, April 2, 2011

View PowerPoint Presentation on iPhone 4 With Original Background Music, Animation, Video and Audio Inserted

Apple devices are always hot. iPhone 4 and iPad 2 become nessesary mobile equipments for Apple fans.

As a smartphone, iPhone 4 has a friendly touch screen interface, stronger processor, and other advanced functions. At the same time, users have a higher demand for office work.

How to upload a powerpoint presentation to iPhone 4 and play it with all original settings?

iPhone 4 can be used to play video, and it supports video formats like .m4v, .mp4, and .mov. So, use a convert tool and convert PowerPoint to video. And then, it's easy to be played on iPhone 4. Additionally, you can upload the output video to Youtube immediately and share with more friends. All of  the original settings will be kept in the output video.

  • View PowerPoint on PPT share website
Upload your powerpoint presentation onto a ppt share website (eg. Play the presentation on a web browser iPhone 4 provids. But it will not preserve the animations, the audios and videos.

Just like the second method, View PDF file is another solution we can try to solve the problem. And it still has the disadvantage that PDF file is static.

  • Export PowerPoint slides as images
iPad 2 has excellent performance on view photos. Saving PowerPoint slides as pictures is  another way to view  information in the slides. Just click "Save as" in powerpoint menu and choose a picture format which iPad 2 allows, such as JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG. But in this way, you will loss the fan which animations in original presentation bring to you.

  • View PowerPoint with iWork
There're three tools integrated in iWork. One of them - Keynote - is specially for PowerPoint application. If you have installed the APP, you can have a try.

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