Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2 Methods to Insert Youtube Videos into PowerPoint 2013

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These days, I saw many users asking a similar question, "how to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint 2013?"

Actually, I had already written an article about this question, which is suitable for the old version Microsoft PowerPoint. (2 Free and Easy Methods of Adding Youtube Videos into PowerPoint)

Nowadays, Microsoft published the latest version - Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. The same question, the same thinking way, but different details is several steps.

Please read the steps below to add YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2013.

Case 1 Play PowerPoint 2013 WITH Network

1. Open your presentation,click the slide that you want to add a YouTube video.
2. Click Insert > Video > Online Video.
add youtube video into powerpoint 2013
  • Insert YouTube video by its name
3. In the Search YouTube box, type the name of the video that you want to insert.
4. Select the video that you want from the search results, and then click Insert.
  • Insert YouTube video by its codes
3. In YouTube, locate the video that you want to insert in your presentation.
4. Below the video frame, click Share.
5. Click Embed, and then click Use old embed code.
6. Specify the format and size of the video that you want to link to.
youtube embed code

7. In PowerPoint, click Insert > Video > Online Video.
8. In the From a Video Embed Code box, paste the embed code, and then click the arrow.

Case 2: Play PowerPoint 2013 WITHOUT Network

Since there isn't internet connection, the YouTube video won't be played in Case 1. We must download it to your local pc and then add the YouTube video into PowerPoint 2013 as a local video file.
  • First, Download Youtube video from Youtube
Leawo Youtube Downloader is a freeware to download, manage, play back and convert FLV (Flash video) from all video sharing sites at great speed, such as YouTube, Yahoo, Google, MySpace, iFilm, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.
Leawo Youtube Downloader

  • Second, Add the downloaded YouTube video into PowerPoint 2013
1. Open your presentation, click the slide in which you want to embed a video.
2. On the Insert tab, in the Media group, click the arrow under Video, and then click Video on My PC.
3. In the Insert Video dialog box, locate and click the video that you want to embed, and then click Insert.
video into powerpoint 2013


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