Monday, August 27, 2012

First Look of Samsung Galaxy Note II is on IFA

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is coming in these days. "We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on Aug. 29," said a spokesperson for the company to Reuters. The release date of Galaxy Note II is at 7 p.m. local time in Berlin just two days before IFA officially kicks off.

Samsung has released a teaser video tagged with the quote "your magical moments will come alive on 29th August 2012". There is nothing about specific details of the rumoured device in it, but multiple glimpses of what appears to be a stylus being removed.

The next Galaxy Note is widely rumoured to come with a slightly larger 5.5 inch display and faster processor, compared with the original Samsung Galaxy Note which was just released in March. Most of specifics bout this new smartphone don't change much, like I collected before (SamSung Galaxy Note II), except its resolution. According the the latest reporting, the resolution of this 5.5'' screan is 1028x720, while it was reported as 1068x1050 early. Besides, based on the existing technology specific of Samsung Galaxy Note II, entertainment solutions are provided for you during your future life with it.

Samsung has announced that it has sold 10 million units of the original Galaxy Note worldwide. The milestone came four months ahead of schedule. After the addition of the second generation, the line will be reinvigorated which has already been quite successful.


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