Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Play Presentations on iPad Mini

iPad Mini
"iPad Mini" was confirmed this week as the name of Apple's new 7.85'' tablet. It's considered as the smaller version of iPad. And Apple finally choose 7.85'' instead of the first idea of the 7 inch from Steve Jobs. Then, it isn't a difficult thing to enjoy app when iPad reduces its screen a little. Maybe the tablet will look moare like an oversized iPod Touch than a smaller iPad.

The device will be 7.2mm thick, or thin. The full-fat iPad is 9.4mm. The resolution is pointed to be 1024x768 by some rumors. The basic iPad Mini is likely to have 8GB on board, purely to keep those costs down.Different from the new iPad, iPad Mini won't have a camera on board.

The release date is likely to be fixed in October 2012, a month later than iPhone 5. There isn't any exact information about iPad Mini's price. All of people only infer the range based on existing data, such as from $249 to $299, and $300 to $350. A 3G version will be here for iPad Mini. Of course, the price will be a little higher than Wi-Fi version.

There is no doubt that iPad Mini would be Apple's thermonuclear device that destroys Amazon and Android devices. You can see more basic specs on Upcoming Next Kindle Fire vs. iPad Mini vs. Nexus 7.

Play Presentations on iPad Mini
Apple has developed Keynote already, which can satisfy users basic office work requirements, such as create, edit and play simple presentations. Of course, it has the same functions in other types of office documents, word and excel. After paying $70, you can use it. Some third-party apps are also recommended. Quickoffice Pro and Documents To Go are top ones in this field.

I'm not sure whether you have already known these tools or not. During your practical application, you will find differences between them and Microsoft PowerPoint on pc. Microsoft PowerPoint and Keynote are incompatible. Export the presentations made in Keynote to ppt to play them on pc. Similarly, before playing Microsoft PowerPoint on iPad Mini, convert ppt to Keynote first. If you don't want to loss anything in Microsoft PowerPoint, save powerpoint as video. eg. you don't have to worry about the animation compatiblity.


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