Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Add Audio Files into PowerPoint for Mac 2011 and Set as Background Music

audio into powerpoint for mac 2011

PowerPoint users like adding function in Microsoft PowerPoint, such as add music into powerpoint. Besides Microsoft PowerPoint for windows, more and more users are using it on Mac. In PowerPoint for Mac 2011, how can we insert music freely?

Audio Formats Supported
PowerPoint for Mac supports more audio file types than PowerPoint 2010 for Windows, which are .aiff, .mid or .midi, .wav, .au, .mp3 and .wma. More details about file types supported by PowerPoint for Mac 2011.

powerpoint for mac 2011 audio formats

Insert audio files into Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011
You can also find detailed steps in how to add audio into PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2003.
  • Step 1: Open powerpoint document you want to add audio files, click Insert - Audio, choose the path of audio.
  • add audio into powerpoint for mac 2011

  • Step 2: After adding audio track successfully, click on Audio Icon. In Format Audio tab, under Start, select the playing way, such as Automatically, On Click and Play Across Slides.
  • add audio into powerpoint for mac 2011

  • Step 3: If you choose Play Across Slides, click on the Animations tab, then Recorder button. Choose the audio file you want to change. Under Media Options, you can change the slides number to any you want.
  • add audio into powerpoint for mac 2011

    add audio into powerpoint for mac 2011
    If you want to set the audio file as the background music, just set the number greater than the number of your whole slide show.

That's all about how to add audio music into PowerPoint for Mac 2011. You would set it as you want by following the steps above. Good Luck!

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