Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween iPhone Apps

Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents magazine
Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents® magazine is the easiest — and safest (no knives involved!) -- way to make jack-o-lanterns with your family this Halloween. Choose from five different pumpkin styles, then either “carve” a design of your own, or pick from our library of wacky eyes, noses, and mouths.. Add a message and you’re ready to share your creation with all your friends! This easy-to-navigate, take-anywhere tool is perfect for families on the go. Products from Parents magazine help moms and dads celebrate the joys of parenthood and raise kids in a healthy, safe, and loving environment.
iPhone app - Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents magazine
Make A Zombie
Zombies usually get a bad rap for being downright creepy, but the zombies in this app are quite the opposite. You can still create ones with exposed brains and knives in their skulls, but they somehow still manage to be huggable and cute.
Either way, this app is a great way to flex those creative zombie muscles. Plus you can share your masterpieces with your social networks too.
iPhone app - Make A Zombie
Pumpkin Pal
If you don't want to go through the hassle and mess of carving an actual pumpkin, use this app to carve one virtually. Choose from a bevy of eye, nose and mouth shapes to create a unique pumpkin every time. After creating your masterpiece, dim the lights on the app and watch your pumpkin glow. We bet if you put your iPad in the window, no one will be the wiser.
iPhone app - Pumpkin Pal
Free Halloween Sounds Pro
Nothing screeches Halloween like an evil witch laugh, a creaky door or creepy organ music. Halloween Sounds Pro lets you mix and match scary Halloween sounds to really get into the mood (despite the random frog sound thrown in there). Using the delay option, you can set the spooky soundtrack and leave the room. Or, if you have another device, use the Bluetooth feature to work the app remotely. Guaranteed to freak someone out.
iPhone app - Free Halloween Sounds Pro
Halloween Costumes
You've been invited to a costume party, but have no idea what to wear. You could throw something together last minute (as usual), or check out this app, which contains costume ideas for adult men and women, as well as links to purchase directly. After all, there’s nothing like a showing up at a party in a "Sexy Swashbuckler" costume.
iPhone app - Halloween Costumes
Halloween Card Creator
If you’re not the costume-wearing, pumpkin-carving type, get into the spirit by creating and sending a greeting card. Halloween Card Creator will allow you to express your Halloween sentiments with fun backgrounds, cool graphics and other customizable options. It’s the perfect way to wish someone a very Happy Hallows Eve.
iPhone app - Halloween Card Creator
Pocket Cocktails
If you’re accompanying the kids while they trick-or-treat, you can get quite chilly. A nice beverage in your hand would make all the difference. Pocket Cocktails is a great resource for some quirky beverages that befit the holiday (Pumpkin-Tini, Monster Punch and October Blood, for instance). The Bloody Brain drink shown here is simply peach schnapps, Bailey’s and grenadine – actual brains not included.
iPhone app - Pocket Cocktails
True Ghost Stories
Ghost stories are scary enough, but when they’re true stories submitted by real people, you really begin to wonder about the supernatural. This app is a compilation of true ghost stories and terrifying experiences that have happened to people all over the world. The photo accompanying the app is a good indication of the scare factor – did they really have to use that creepy ghost-kid?
iPhone app - True Ghost Stories
House of Horrors
If you want to take the scare a step further, check out the House of Horrors app to gain access to free full-length horror films, streamed right to your device. A good browsing function lets you search by genre, keyword, actor, title, director and more. You can also save movies to your queue, ready for a Halloween horror show marathon.
iPhone app - House of Horrors
Speaking of spooky places, what about visiting one near you? According to Dark Haunts, there’s likely a truly haunted location close by, along with a story of how the haunt came to be. (Cue Twilight Zone music.) There are approximately 3,200 locations in the DarkHaunts database, with many more being added regularly. If you’re in for a real-life fright night, and have the guts to check out one of the locations, more power to you.
iPhone app - DarkHaunts
It's Halloween time and the perfect opportunity to get in the Halloween mood. Do you want to know how many days until Halloween, play scary sounds to frighten your friends, pick the perfect costume, download Halloween ringtones, know Halloween trivia, and even have scary Halloween wallpaper? If so, you are in luck.
iPhone app - Halloween!


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