Friday, October 12, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs Galaxy S3: Changes from Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S3 Mini

galaxy s3 vs galaxy s3 mini
Samsung Galaxy S3 has a brother born - Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. The 4.8-inch display is large for some people, eg. Apple notices it's hard for people to operate by one hand if it's larger than the existing iPhone5 (4-inch, 123.88mmx58.6mmx7.6mm). But it doesn't mean people don't want powerful processors or high megapixel cameras.Then, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is here, though it isn't as powerful as the flagship phone.

  • Display
  • Galaxy S3 Mini has a smaller screen size than Galaxy S3, from 4.8 inch to 4.0 inch. It's the most direct impression when holding the new phone.
  • Processor
  • 1G RAM stays the same, but the quad-core Samsung Exynos processor was replaced by dual-core 1GHz Ericsson NovaThor chipset.
  • OS
  • Galaxy S3 Mini is coming with the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. S3 will also get the Jelly Bean update soon.
  • Connectivity
  • One of the selling points of Samsung Galaxy S3 is 4G/LTE support. However, its miniature version does not support this feature. NFC is still a standard function on S3, and it said that users can choose whether S3 Mini has NFC or not.
  • Storage
  • There are two options for S3 Mini users: 8GB and 16GB, while 16GB and 32GB for Galaxy S3. And the extend storage is smaller than the flagship phone too.
  • Camera
  • Galaxy S3 really has perfect camera in smartphone filed. The rear camera pixel of S3 Mini is less than its brother.
  • Battery
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has 1500 mAh against 2100 mAh of the original Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S3 Galaxy S3 Mini
Display 4.8 inch 4.0 inch
Size/Weight 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm/133g 121.55 x 63 x 9.85 mm/111.5g
Processor quad-core Samsung Exynos processor dual-core 1GHz Ericsson NovaThor chipset
OS Update to Android 4.1 Android 4.1
Connectivity 4G/LTE
Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth 4.0
Storage 16GB/32GB/64GB soon
+microSD slot(up to 64GB)
microSD slot(up to 32GB)
Camera 8 Mega pixel Auto Focus camera and 1.9 Mega pixel front camera5 megapixel rear camera and VGA front shooter
Batter 2100 mAh 1500 mAh

There's not any news about the release date and the price. But it's sure that Galaxy S3 Mini is cheaper than Galaxy S3. If you are touched by the cute smartphone, buy it when it releases.

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  1. I have this phone in black and it's awesome, the only trouble I had was with whatsapp, but I think it was my simm. At the time I am using whatsapp for pc until I can use it on my phone.


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